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    Type of test – general training
    Date of test -21st April 2018
    Location – Mississauga, Canada
    Writing task 1
    Last week you travelled in a bus, but you were not satisfied by the service.please write a letter to the manager to inform your concern
    – When was the trip ?
    – Why did you and other passengers were not happy about the service ?
    – please suggest what can be done in future
    Task 2 :
    Some people prefer to have hobbies that needs technologies, but others prefer to have hobbies without technology. Please discuss both sides and and specify your opinion.
    Speaking –
    Task 1 :
    What is your full name ?
    Where are you from ?
    Do you work or study ?
    What do you do as part of your job ?
    What training you had taken to do your current job ?
    Is there any training needed in future for your job ?
    What is your daily meal plan ?
    Would you eat outside frequently ?
    How was your food preferences in your childhood?
    Task 2 :
    The thing you have reached any of your relative/friend recently.
    – whom did you teach ?
    – what dud yay teach ?
    – was it easy to teach ?
    How did you feel after teaching him/her ?
    Task 3 :
    Couple of questions related to task 2.
    Is it possible for every one to learn any skills ?
    Is practice important to learn any skills ?
    If anyone thinks that if they can learn any sill, then will that help to learn ?
    Do countries need universities ?
    Is it possible to achieve success without university study ?
    Will university study helps to learn anything other than academic subjects ?
    I don’t remember the reading ang listening questions …..

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