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    I had my exam on 1 September in moga (India)
    Part1- 1. Where do you live?
    2. Do you live in a house or appartment?
    3. What is your favorite room in your home?
    4. Do you want to change your living place in future?
    5. Have you ever tried food from another culture?
    6. Is fod from another culure or country is popular among the people of your country?
    7. What type of peole like food from another culture?
    Part2- Describe an interesting job you want to do?
    1. What is the job?
    2. What are the skills that you needed to get the job?
    3. what is reason that you think that the job is interesting?
    One more short question after the part 2 .
    Is there us anybody who is doing the same job that want to do?
    Part3- 1. What are the different types pf job that are popular in your country?
    2. What are the benefits of doing a one particular job ?
    3. What can be the drawbacks of changing one job to another?
    4. What are the another types of jobs , other than the government job that youngsters want to do and why ?

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