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    hi,, your IELTS material is amazingly helpful. My exam was on 05-06/Jan/2018 in Moga(Punjab) India.
    Part 1.
    -Study or work.
    -Background of eduction.
    -relation with friends.
    -Would you like to go to space.
    and some other questions related to this.
    Part 2. Cue Card.
    Describe a Public you visited and what improvements you want in it.
    Part 3.
    -What other Public Places to visit.
    -Any other ways to bring reforms to the public place you mentioned.
    -City life is busy, why?
    -What could be done to improve it?
    and few more questions related to this..
    Reading topics: Although i did’t remembered them properly but i have some hazy memory of all topics that i came across.
    1) Question was related to Total n umber of marriages, first marriage, second marriage, and divorces. Line graph question.
    2) Humans copy one another, especially in Clothing, other consumer products. Agree Disagree..

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