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    Academic Test , 14/10/2017
    Monterrey, Mexico
    British Council
    Task 1. A bar chart about the different types of blood that people have in six countries.
    Task 2. Some people think it is better to live in countryside to have a healthy lifestyle while other claim city has more health benefits. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
    Part 1. Full name, where are you from? how long have you been living in your hometown? what do you like about your hometown?
    do you prefer read news on newspaper or internet and why?
    would you like to be a news reporter?
    do you consider is important to be on time?
    do you think in the past was more important to be on time?
    Part 2. Describe a time when you taught a relative or friend to do something.
    – who was this person?
    – what you taught?
    – how you felt about that?
    Part 3.
    What kind of things young people can teach to older people?
    What types of skills are hard to learn for some people?
    What do you consider is the most important thing at teaching?

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