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    General -4th Jan, 2020
    Writing Task 2 : Some people become famous in their early age. Is it bad or good discuss
    Writing Task 1 : Write a letter to organizer of annual festival which is going to organize in your place . Give feedback for last year, mention what you can do and ask some question about festival .

    Section 1: a) Do you work or study ? b) Are you happy with your job ? c) How often do you wear jeans ? d) Do you used to wear jeans in your childhood either ? e) Why do you love jeans ?
    Section 2 ) Tell about the person who you think he/she is good in his/her job a) Where he/she is working b) what sort of job he/she do ? c) what you like about him/her ?
    Section 3) Related to Previous Section a) Role of Manager in work ? b) Which is more important for you , Work or Team ? c) Should manager be friendly with staffs d) How manager can be friendly with staff c) should manager always be friendly with staff d) Do you think Employee should adopt the change ? e) Do you think learning new thing will help you in your job ?

    Reading Section 1: Article about Greyhound Bus service of US & Canada

    Reading Section 4 : Article about Delhi to Simla Rail way track

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