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    I took the IELTS Indicator test just a few hours ago, the LRW sections and, although it was quite a stressful experience, I must say that I am pretty satisfied with how I did. Info on the Indicator test:
    1) contrary to what I had heard, you are not able to choose which section to do first, but you will do the Listening first, then the Reading, and lastly the Writing part.
    2) once you entered the password for the SEB, the test will open, and you will have to wait 5 minutes to start the actual test; likewise, if you finish a section before the timer stops, you will have to wait until it does, and when that happens you will be redirected to the home page and from there you will be able to start the next section (I am writing this because I personally panicked when I wasn’t able to switch from one section to another independently- because that’s another thing I had read before taking the test).

    Now, concerning the test itself. The Listening was quite easy, nothing particularly important to say about it. The Reading part was tougher: I can’t remember what the first article was about, but the second was about homeopathy, and the third about Griffith and American Cinema, and for all of the three articles I had to match headings to the correct paragraph (which this time I found harder than the TFNG questions, because some of the headings seemed to be unmatchable). The Writing part Task1 presented a pie chart and a table showing the source and the total value of fish imported to the U.S in 1998, 2002 and 2007, whereas Task2 was about conversing on mobile phones while in crowded places: “Some people believe that mobile phones conversations should be banned in crowded and social places. Others disagree. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.”Personally I tried to do my best although I was a bit nervous , and I regret spending too much time on Writing Task2, resulting in me having no time to check for mistakes in Task1. I hope you find this useful! 🙂

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