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    I had my ielts on March, 15 and 16 (speaking part), Moscow.
    Part 1
    What is my full name?
    How did you get here?
    Where are you living? How long?
    How often do you use your phone?
    What is your favorite app?
    Can you create a new app?
    What app do you what to have?
    Part 2
    An historical event
    Why it is important
    When and where was it
    What is you attitude to it
    Part 3
    Many people think that young people don’t pay attention on history. Why/why not.
    Many people tend to watch historical films rather than traveling to historical places. Why/why not. I mentioned BBC, so he asked me about BBC.
    Why people should learn history?
    Why people travel for a long distances?

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