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    Yesterday (26th OCT) we did our GT IELTS exams,
    Thought to share the questions with you guys, since this forum helped us to get well prepared. and some questions are replicated again.
    1. Speaking Clue Card ‘Describe a music concert you addended recently”,
    my wife got “Describe a Game show you watched on TV”

    Then asked many questions about (t1 and t3)
    – work or study
    – about perfumes
    – about whether
    – last when did u laugh, smiling in photos
    – time management
    – Music and Culture
    – is the local music is changing
    – Technology and children

    2. Listening
    – No map this time
    – section 3 was on monument and buildings

    3. reading
    – Section 3 was
    – Early Navigation
    -like what kind of methods and tools used navigate, like Compas, Starts and development on the field. Didn’t get a matching heading

    4. Writing Task 1
    – write a letter to ur frnd asking for advice for a employment opportunity in his country
    – say why u r looking this in his/her country
    – describe qualification and skills
    – ask some questions about salary, culture, benefits etc

    – some people believe that education success is based on good teachers and other believe that it depends on Students attitude. Discuss both the views.Thanks for the support.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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