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    I had my IELTS Test on 14 Oct, 2017 in Multan Pakistan. It was an easy test overall. Here Are my test details:
    Module: General Training
    What is your Name?
    Do you live in a house or apartment?
    What sort of house you like and want to live in?
    Few more questions which I can’t recall…
    Describe an English lecture that you enjoyed.
    Where was It?
    Who taught you?
    What did you like about it?
    Follow-up questions:
    Do you think its important to learn multiple languages?
    Why Certain organisations give advantage to multi-lingual people?
    What is the downside of learning multiple languages?
    Why people learn more then one languages?
    and few more language learning related questions..
    Section 1:
    -Renting a flat
    Section 2:
    -A map of facilities provided in a park
    – A discussion between two students on selecting presentation material on music
    Section Three:
    – Matching ideas to situations
    -A speaker talking about effect of pollution on buildings
    Reading: (Each Section had two parts)
    Section 1:
    -Applying for Italian Scholarship (T,F,NG type of questions)
    – Details about an art gallery (Heading matching and T,F,NG type of questions)
    Section 2:
    both sections had fill in the blanks questions and these were the easiest
    Section 3:
    Smog in London (3 types of questions about it: T,F,NG; Fill in the blanks; and forgot the last type of questions)
    task 1: Letter to a friend about a damaged item that you borrowed from him for a party. In the letter
    1. Apologise for the broken item
    2. Tell him what happened
    3. Tell him what you are going to do about it
    Task 2: Traffic Congestion is becoming a serious problem. See people believe that this can be solved by broadening the roads.
    Do you agree or disagree?
    Also, for the benefit of others, I have observed that level of test difficulty flips on alternative test dates. So if my current test was easy then the upcoming test will be very tough. Though don’t have much evidence to support it, other than the fact that I observed this when I appeared in 4 tests in a row to get my required band.
    ALL THE BEST to every one out there preparing for their IELTS tests!

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