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    I just finished (on my way home from Test center) my IELTS Speaking Exam (23 July, 2018 – 10:40am IST) from IDP in Mumbai, India.

    Questions that were asked for my test are as follows:
    Part 1:
    Do you work or study? (I said- I’m on Career break as I am planning for further studies)
    What kind of work did you do?
    Did you make friends at work?
    Which is the wild animal that you like? Why?
    Do you like to visit zoo? Why/why not?
    Would you like to have a pet animal?
    Do you think children should learn more about animals? Why/why not?
    How much time do you give for sleeping?
    Do you think old people need more sleep than children? Why?

    Part 2:
    Describe an ideal vacation/holiday you would like to go
    -Where would you go?
    -Who will you go with?
    -Why is it ideal for you?

    Part 3:
    Would you like to take other people (other than parents) along with you on vacation?
    What kind of vacations/holidays do people in your country go for?
    What planning do you need to do when going for Vacation? (and few more questions related to Part 2 topic)
    The examiner was very much friendly and polite (knowing i was bit nervous)
    I spoke well for all the parts. I fumbled towards the last part of Part 2 speaking hence couldn’t talk much on the question resulting in somewhat abrupt end. Would that be a negative for my scores? What can be my approx score.

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