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    I had my speaking test today in Mumbai India. The questions are as follows-
    Which part of the country do you live in
    How long have you been living there
    What do you like about that place
    Does your name mean anything
    Is there anything specific done while naming a child in your culture
    Are there common names used in your culture
    Do you talk to a lot of teenagers
    Did you like your teenage
    Do you follow teenage fashion
    Part 2:
    Describe a car journey that you remember very well
    Where did you go
    Who was with you
    How long did it take
    Why do you remember it so well
    Follow up question: would you like to go to that place again
    Part 3:
    What jobs require good drivers
    The appropriate age when licenses should be issued
    Should high school issue licenses
    Is it moral to use transport modes that run on fossil fuels
    Opinion on driver-less cars and trains
    Opinion on cars that fly

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