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    Exam date :19/11/2018 Academic
    Mumbai, India
    Hope the questions here I am going to post would be helpful for some.
    My LRW was on 17/11/2018,Someone have already reported writing part before, so i am not going to repeat it.
    Part 1
    Some general question about work ,our native place etc..
    Do you like to go to park?
    How often you go?
    Do you like park with leisure facility or open space? why?
    When did you last visit a park?
    Is breakfast is important?why?
    how about your daily routines?all days are same?
    Are you satisfied with it?
    are you planning to include anything new to your daily routine?
    Part 2
    Describe a faraway place you want to visit?
    where it is?
    how would you go there
    why you like to visit?
    Part 3:
    what are the interesting places to visit in your country?
    Do you like longer holidays or shorter?why?
    which do you prefer, a shorter working hours and shorter holidays or longer duty time and longer holidays?why?
    Is it good for young people to take a break from their study or work for long time?
    Is it important to plan before travel?why?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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