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    I took the IELTS General Test in Mumbai, India on the 28th of Oct 2017 for LWR and for Speaking on the 31st of Oct 2017. The topics are as below.
    1 : Conversation between high school principal and a student’s parent which includes surname of child, allergies of child, emergency contact number, relation of emergency contact, subject in which child excels. Part 2 of the same conversation includes total number of students in the school, average number of students per class, tuition fees per year.
    2 :Advertisement for a house on Radio which includes Number of rooms, garage parking, location, surrounding areas. Positive points and negative points. Part two includes a walk through the house where the agent describes the location and direction of rooms in the house. This conversation is to be sued to label rooms on the diagram in your question paper.
    3: Conversation between two students David and Wanda pertaining to a school project for farming. Includes details such as location of farm, challenges faced, crops to be grown, number of crops to be grown, what is so attractive about doing this particular project.
    1 : T / F / NG – adverts in a paper pertaining to michelin tire, steinway piano, ford car, casio flute, Aiwa audio system, classic piano.
    2 : Chose the correct heading. Passages pertaining to gold fossicking. Key name in passage was Croxford. Also details pertaining to gold deposits, locations, who found gold and how they found it. Each para is distinct and matching the headings involves minimal use of logic.
    there was another section, unfortunately i cannot remember that one.
    Letter : your organization is opening a new branch abroad and you would like to position yourself as an eligible candidate. Involve details such as why would you be the perfect choice, ask questions pertaining to the branch.
    Essay : More and more people are buying things which are not necessary. Does hit have a positive or negative trend on society.
    Where do you live ? Describe the location you live in ?
    Most memorable visit to a park and why ?
    Do you see a growing trend of people visiting natural parks ?
    What type of natural beauty are people most interested in ?
    Does tourism have any effect on natural parks?
    In your views what are the most essential must-haves in a park ?
    do you have a park close by to your home ?

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