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    Part 1:
    Full name
    Where are you from
    Studying or working
    What work you do
    Why did you choose this career
    How was your first day at this work place? What did you liked the most?
    Do you like rains?
    Do you like to stay in rainy weather or dry weather? Why?
    Have rain stopped you from going anywhere out? When?
    What do you do you do when it rains?
    Part 2: Cue card:
    Describe about a magazine which you recently read.
    What was it about?
    Who wrote it?
    What all content was covered?
    Part 3:
    How important gernalism is?
    How it connects between the incident and the public?
    What is the imapct of local national and international gernalism on people?
    Do you think becoming a gernalist is an easy job?
    What key factors are required for a gernalist to write an article?
    Third part was quite tough for me. I actually stopped for 5-6 seconds. and fumbled a lot after that.

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