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    Date:29 sep, 2017
    Module : General
    Center : Mumbai
    All over it went well as per me but i mad one mistake in one point. Will write down at the end.
    1. My full name and where i m from.
    2. How you see time?
    I massed up in this point as i talked about clock after words i realized my mistake but i did not rectify it. I just wanna know is it going to effect my band?
    3. Cue card was what is the exciting book i read tell me about that book.
    4. How fiction ion books help kids?
    5. What young and old people read are read same things or different as per their age.
    6. How important for you to be on time?
    7. How you communicate with your friends online or face to face and why?
    8. Do girls read more or boys why?
    Thats all as i remember.
    Thank you.
    My w, r, l will be tomorrow.

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