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    Test Date Jun 29, 2019
    Test Type General
    Test Experience
    I wished the test was computer based instead of paper based.
    Listening- Headphones didn’t work, so audio was played in the room.
    Section1 – Phone call –a guy inquiring about a photography course. cost of the course after concession, what day, time, price …
    Section 2 – List of attractions – Some questions about matching the attractions names and their features.
    Section3 — 3 students talking about how they should do their presentation.
    Multiple choice questions
    history of paints used in various art forms throughout the world.
    Fill in the blanks
    Section 1 –
    Section 2 – Some shoe museum and various sections in it
    Section 3 – Topic – Ventilation systems in work spaces
    Section 4 – Topic – History of how map making evolved over time throughout the world
    There were around 10 paragraphs each corresponding to a letter A – I.
    Matching 1 involved matching “small summaries provided” with the corresponding paragraph(A-I).
    Matching 2
    A list of map making aspects invented were given. For example, “This country had the emperor followed by a map-maker at all times”, “This country invented the first maps” …
    A list of countries were provided A-I.
    For example, A. China B.Persia …..
    The paragraphs occupied whole 2 pages. The questions were in the next 2 pages. I found the last section very difficult because the questions were in a different pages and paragraphs in another. Looking at the question in a page and then flipping over the previous page to read paragraphs made it even more difficult.
    General Writing — After getting used to typing for many years, Lost touch with writing long time ago. Ended up spending slightly more time on Task1 than planned. As a result wrote task2 conclusion less than planned. Handwriting turned bad in the last moment.
    Write a letter to your company’s director recommending a group in your local community that deserves help .
    Why do suggest that group?
    How can your company help that group?
    How can that benefit your company in return?
    Some parents want their children to read only serious educational books at all times. They don’t want their children to read any entertainments books because they think it is a waste of time. Do you agree/ disagree with their opinion? Why?
    Where do you live?
    How long have you lived there?
    What is your neighborhood like?
    What do you like about like about living there?
    Is there any change that you would like to see in your community?
    A good news that you recently came to know.
    What was the news?
    Where were you at that time?
    When and How did you come to know about that news?
    Questions about news Reporting.
    How do you think news reporting changed over time?
    With the advent of new technology, news are reported very quickly.
    Do you think a channel should publish the news quickly before its competitors or verify the authenticity before publishing? Why do you think so?
    Do you think everyone should follow the news daily? why?
    Few others that I have talked to on that day mentioned that they were asked on the following topics in Part2
    a place that you have recently visited.
    your relationship with your siblings.
    a colleague who you liked working with

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