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    Type of exam: Academic
    Date of test: 28th june, 2018
    Location : IDP, Nepal
    Speaking part 1
    There were general introductory questions
    What is your name?
    Where do you live?
    Describe your house, what kind of home do you live in?
    What is your favourite part in your house?
    Do you plan to move from your house in future?
    Tell me about a special place in your hometown?
    Tell me about a day out, where do you like to go in your day out?
    With whom do you prefer to go on day out?
    Part 2
    It was about street market
    Tell me about a street market you recently visited
    What did you buy there?
    And other question related to it I don’t remember it exactly
    Part 3
    Follow ups about street market and change in habit of people shopping these days
    I talked a lot in my speaking and the examiner was indicating me to stop by raising her hand occasionally. I didn’t speak for exact two minutes in part 2. There was a pause for about 10 seconds and during that period I was desperately trying to gather thoughts to talk more and I looked at my examiner and she asked me a follow up question, and when I answered it she stopped me at middle. I guess my 2 minutes were up by then. I don’t know what to deduct from it. I know I did pretty well and I know my score will be above 6.5 but I am not sure whether I will get 7 or more. I was aiming for 8 when I went inside.
    There is This theory that if you have a Nepalese examiner he/she is inclined to give you less score. I obviously don’t buy it but I had Nepalese examiner evaluating me on both of my exams. When I took Ielts from BC, a Nepalese examiner was assigned to me.

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