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    Jatinder singh khurmi
    Speaking 10.20 26/09
    Full name
    Do you live in a house or apartment
    Tell me about your home
    Which type of home you want in future
    Home equipment you use at home
    Do you think it save the time ?
    I said too much usage would be harmful it can lead to laziness
    Then he asked how?
    Future technologies
    Cue card was about invention that has changed the life
    I told about internet so he asked me question related to that
    How it benefited
    Nd how it can help us in the future
    Follow ups
    Again technology
    How internet can change the way of education
    Other questions i do not remember..sorry
    I have a question could you please ans me..
    He had asked me a question that what kind of technology we could see in the future in houses
    I gave the ans that there would be bio security and all the things would be on the remote control and after that i don’t know what had happened i just started talking about city development in future and he stopped me and said i asked you the question about home technology. Then i said sorry and again answer that question in right way??? Could you please tell me is it right or not i m confused he allowed me to give answer again for would it effect on my score????

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