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    Hi All,
    General training, New Delhi.
    Letter to manager that you have forgotten important documents in a taxi.
    Details of taxi.
    Why document was important to you.
    What action di you want manager to take.
    People plan their activities in free time.
    Other disagree. Discuss both. And give your opinion.
    Ques about work or student?
    What kind of training is required for your job?
    Will training be required in future?
    What are the different type of meals you eat.
    How eating habbits has been changed since your childhood.
    Cue card.
    Situation about when you did something and you received a positive feedback.
    Why feedbacks are important?
    How do u give feedback to adult.
    How popular people live in your country.
    What kind of people are famous in your country.
    I wanted to confirm. I have made a major mistake in writing task 2.
    Topic was about planning activities in free time which i mentioned above however i misunderdtood the topic and wrote about how to plan for future activities in free time. i. e. Planning for furture such as marriage, kids education etc. Will i fail the exam completely because i have written off topic although i have written a good essay but in a completely different topic. Pls advise. I am worried.

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