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    Hi Thank you for sharing your precious knowledge with us. I highly appreciate this effort of yours.
    I had my speaking exam on 21.Nov.2018 through British Council, New Delhi, India.
    Speaking part 1:
    Your full name and where do you live?
    Do you like the area where you live?
    Do you know your neighbors?
    What kind of neighbors do you have?
    Do you like pictures and crafts?
    Do you think we should have pictures at home?
    Speaking part 2:
    Talk about something you have borrowed:
    When you borrowed?
    Why you borrowed?
    From whom you borrowed?
    Speaking part 3:
    What to do if we loose or damage the product that we borrowed?
    Why some people don’t return borrowed items?
    What to do if someone is not returning the borrowed item?
    What do you think about car pooling?
    I was very nervous in starting and till the time I gained confidence, he said test is over. I was a bit shocked. I thought it was early probably just 10 min. In my day-to-day life, I can speak English with fluency but I speak too fast. I think because of that I ended up early in exam.
    Will I loose band for completing in less time e.g. 10min?
    Also, I am used of smiling and using my hands while talking. I was doing the same during exam. Was that inappropriate for interview? He was observing my hand movements or probably my long nails though!!
    I have habit of speaking in low volume. Will it affect my band as he may think I am scared?
    Please answer my above mentioned questions.

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