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    Hi all the Aspirants!
    L,R,W Exam Date – 09th Sep
    Module – General
    Location – New Delhi
    Listening –
    Section 1) Conversation between 2 people discussing about Scuba diving such as, Date requirements, etc. (FILL IN THE BLANKS WITH ONE WORD)
    Section 2) Related to some park and it’s pros and cons (MULTIPLE CHOICE AND CHOOSE THE CORRECT LETTER)
    Section 3) Discussion between a professor and a student for her Just Coffee Project (MULTIPLE CHOICE & FILL IN THE BLANKS WITH MAXIMUM 3 WORDS)
    Section 4) A lecturer giving insight on the latest course available to enroll i.e. Textiles with Business (FILL IN THE BLANKS WITH MAXIMUM 3 WORDS)
    Section 1) Match the Headings & Choose the correct letter for correct paragraph.
    Section 2) True, False, Not Given and Choose the correct letter for correct paragraph.
    Section 3) True False, Fill in the Blanks and Choose the correct letter for paragraph.
    Task 1) Letter – You are a secretary for an international club and recently some other speaker from another country gave a speech at your club. Your club members liked his speech and want to know more details about his country. Write a letter including –
    – Thank him for the speech and why your club members liked the speech?
    – What other information your club members want to know?
    – How the arrangements will be done?
    Task 2) Essay Writing –
    Some people say that schools should teach good behaviour to children and introduce them to ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. Parents should not be the only one to blame for it.
    Do you agree or disagree?

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