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    I gave my IELTS General in New Delhi
    L/R/W was on 9th sept
    As a secretary of an international club you invited a foreign delegate whose speech was admired by all members of the club…write a letter to the delegate
    – thank him for his presence and explain why everyone liked his talk
    – tell him all the club members want more information about his country
    – schedule another meeting with him and invite him to attend that meeting
    Some people think that It should be the responsibility of schools to teach good behaviour and awareness about write n wrong, parents alone should not b held responsible for this.
    Do you agree or disagree?
    SPEAKING WAS ON 10th sept
    Full name
    What should I call u
    What kind of house do u live in?
    Do u like living there?
    What kind of house would u like in future?
    Who taught u politeness?
    Why politeness is important?
    With whom we need to b more polite?
    Do u read magazines?
    What kind of magazines or comics have u read as a child?
    describe a situation when u moved to a new house or a new school.
    – when
    – what changes were there?
    How u felt after moving?
    Follow up ques
    – have u been back to ur old house?
    – why do u think people move to new houses?
    – is it important for people to move to new places?
    And then there were some mind boggling questions related to
    Brain drain(as in if someone goes abroad for higher studies and never comes back…what impact it wud have on economic situation etc)
    That’s all I cud remember
    Hope it helps

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