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    I took the test just today, Sept 30. New Zealand Academic
    Speaking Part 1
    Name, where I came from, etc.
    Do you love wering jewelries? How often do you wear them?
    Do you like eating fruits? How often do you eat fruits? Did your parents encourage to eat fruits?
    Speaking Part 2
    Describe an event where you saw a lot of people smiling. What was the event, How did you feel that time.
    Speaking Part 3
    What is the significance of smiling to people? Do you think women smile a lot than men? What are the instances that you dont have to smile? Should everyone express their feelings to someone? Do you think young people are more expressive than old people?
    Part 1 Details about Playland
    Part 2 Its about Holiday (I forgot)
    Part 3 I forgot
    Part4 About the ‘technology pool’ for swimmers
    Part 1 history of coffee
    Part 2 Australian Dingoes
    Part 3 About an Author in New Zealand and her books.
    Task 1 two tables showing the opinion survey of aspects living in the city years 1980? And 2010.
    Task 2 They say the best way to reduce crimes commited by young adults is to teach parents parenting skills. To what extent do you agree?

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