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    I had my ielts test on 27th September.
    In my speaking test, In part one Questions related to work, what kind of work you do? Why did you like your work? What is more important at work place, people you work with or environment? Language related Which language do you speak? Do you speak any other language? Do you want to learn any new language and why ? Why and how did you learn English? Do you think, it is difficult to learn English?
    Related to art, Why art should be taught in school? Why some people consider art as a subject is to be waste of time ? Can people learn art in their adulthood?Cue card Talk about any photograph which you like the most What is it When did you get it Where did you kept it
    Then questions related to photography, Is photography as a profession is satisfactory job? Is clicking picture really need some skills? What are the pros and cons of clicking the picture by phone?
    Thank you very much. This site helps me a lot.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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