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    General Training
    6th September, 2018 (Speaking Test)
    1. Where do you come from?
    2. What do you do? Working or studying?
    3. Do you listen to music? Why?
    4. Do you listen to music as a child?
    5. Do you think your choice of music will change in the near future?
    6. Do you have good work relationship with your co-staff?
    7. What makes a job good?
    8. Do you think your choice of good job will change in the near future?
    Part 2
    Describe an important event in your life you celebrated recently.
    Tell: 1. What the event was
    2. How you celebrated it
    3. Who you celebrated it with
    Why is this event important to you?
    Part 3
    1. What type of events do people celebrate in your culture?
    2. Do you think there’s any benefit for a country hosting an international event?
    3. Due to the advent of technology do you think it is necessary to attend international events since you can watch the event at the comfort of your room? ( I think he (examiner) asked this question because I cited the economic benefits of hosting world cup; Russia 2018 to be precise,as an example)
    **That’s all I can remember now**

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