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    Hey All,
    I just finished my IELTS exam in NZ.
    I was given a 2 very complicated tables to analyze for task 1. It was a survey of people living in a city and their satisfaction with regards to various aspects. Two tables across 2 years 1980 and 2010. 5-6 rows with for transportaion, healthcare, education etc. 3 columns for people voting good, neutral or bad and percentages.
    It was information overload and I did not know what to do and probably did an extremely bad job on it. I have rebooked for another test and hope to be able to tackle similar problems effectively in future. I am very desperate as i have been offered a dream job in Australia and have to get IELTS sorted as soon as possible to meet deadlines. I need band 7 for all aspects of IELTS
    How do I tackle massive tables (X2) like this one? I had a friend who did the test a month ago and had something similar. Seems to me that IELTS is going for more complex tables rather then the ones usually found on IELTS books (single tables or graphs).
    Kind regards.

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