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    I sat for the Academic module LRW on 18/01/2020 and these are the questions i can remember;

    part 1: About jeans, popularity of jeans and cost,
    Part 2: Describe a celebration you had as a result of something you achieved -what happened -how you celebrated -how you felt
    Part 3: How people celebrate weddings as compared to when a child is born.
    National celebration Is the government doing enough for national celebrations
    Some people think money used for national celebrations could be used for other purposes, what do you think?

    Listening test: Part 1; scuba diving Part 2; school outdoor camping Part 3; about Moa Part 4; airport

    Reading test: Can’t really remember but it was quite straight forward.

    Writing test:
    Task 1; line graph about percentage of households that own four types of electronic devices
    Task 2; in some countries, celebrities can now earn more salaries than senior politicians. What might be the reason for this? Is this a positive of negative development?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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