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    I had my academic test, june 23, oman
    My speaking questions:
    Part 0
    What is your name?
    How can i call you?
    Where are you from?
    Part 1
    Tell me what do you do, are you working or studying?
    Why did you take that job?
    Did you enjoy your first day at work?
    What do you usually do with your family?
    Do you like to spend time with small or big groups?
    Do you think you will spend your time with your family and friends in the future?
    Where are the people in your country mostly stay?
    Do you like to stay in the city?
    When was the last time you visited the city?
    Which city do you like to live in the future?
    Cue card:
    Clothes you like to wear on special occasions?
    Why you like to wear?
    What other people think?
    How do you feel?
    Ff up: do you still keep that clothes with you?
    Why is it important to wear uniforms?
    Who choose the uniforms in companies, the employer or employee?
    Does the behavior of a person affected when they wear a uniform?
    Do you think tv affects the clothing company?
    Do you think clothing industry will shut down in the future because of globalisation?

    the day before the test, i met the examiner in a one-on-one tutorial i attended, she is a friend of the english tutor and she was observing how the tutor was teaching, and in my speaking review, we made several mock test and she was there and she listened everything, how i speak and how i answered question, she also know what band score i need. I admit that i am not that much good in speaking and made some mistakes. And in my actual test, i had to revise all my answer though some of my answers are the same answers i said during the mock test. And also, the last questions in part 3 about globalisation, i think i misinterpret the questions but i still tried to answer it, i answered like “ i think it will not close but there will be more clothing business because they have to fill the growing demand of consumers, etc etc” do u think it will affect my score? And how do you think will be the impact of my performance with the examiner because she was there during my tutorial?

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