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    March 24,2018
    Hi Everyone,
    Speaking topics:
    The area where you stay: Do you like it? Why? Are you planning to move to another area in the future? Why?
    Gifts: When are gifts usually given in your culture? What was the last gift you received? Have you been given a gift that you didn’t like? What did you do?
    Your favorite wild animal and why
    Your favorite school subject and why
    How is English taught in your country
    Suggestions regarding any new subject that should be taught in schools in your country
    Role of schools and parents in education
    Reading passages:
    Reading passage one: Sources of water in Australia
    Reading passage two: Hibernation
    Reading passage three: Sherlock Holmes and the author Arthur Conan Doyle
    Task one: two pie charts ( The first was showing the percentage of the fresh water on earth and the second was illustrating four sources of fresh water) along with a bar chart describing the amount of renewable water used by several regions globally
    Task two: People around the world use the social media for contacting other people and getting information about different events ( sorry I can’t remember the exact statement but it was about this topic)
    Do you think the advantages of this out-weight the disadvantages?
    That’s all

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