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    I have taken the academic test on 05th of October 2017 at the British Council Oman.
    1.Listening part was comparably easier this time with headphones in optimal condition, last time I had reported on the background noise by which my score dropped to 5.5.
    2.Writing task 1:
    This was a table of three various types of Blue Whale and their population estimated by historical methods and genetic methods. In addition to that, the comparison table shows the population of those Whales 1500 years before and their numbers at present.
    Question was that to compare and report the main features.
    3.Writing Task 2
    Newspapers are the best media for information and news, but online media should replace the conventional news media as far as the technologic advancements are concerned. To what extent you agree with the opinion, state and support it with examples.
    Speaking was not hard, the topic was about my favourite book which was followed by a discussion on present-day reading habits.

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