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    My GT tests here.
    Speaking test was on 02/04/18 and the questions were,
    Section 1
    – Whats your name?
    – Tell me about your home town?
    – How long does it take to travel to your work?
    – How do you travel?
    – How do you spend time during this travelling time?
    – Have u been on a boat?
    – How was d experience and whom did u go with?
    – Will you own a boat in future?
    Section 2
    – Whats ur idea of a perfect home?
    – Where do u want it to be and why?
    – Would u like to live in a joint family in d future?
    Section 3
    – What kinda houses you can find in your country?
    – What kinda houses people opt to live?
    – Do you think a house reflects ones personality?
    – Is beauty or functionality important for a house?
    My LRW was on 07/04/18 and some questions are,
    Writing – Task 1
    Write a letter to ur landlord mentioning a problem u have with the water supply in ur apartment.
    – mention d issue
    – problems u face
    – suggest what d landlord can do about it
    Task 2
    more n more people choose to live alone thesedays
    – reasons for it
    – do u think it is a positive or negative trend
    Section 1 – multiple choices (patient calling a health centre)
    Section 2 – fill in d spaces (tutor n student discussion about dissertation)
    Section 3 – a guide briefing about different types of museums n to match its activities from d list + multiple choices
    Section 4 – fill in d spaces (about ‘australian voices’)
    Section 1 – T/F/NG (about MG Bins)
    Section 2 – Matching headings (about employee annual leave n pays)
    Section 3 – fill in spaces (about maternity leaves)
    Section 4 – Matching headings, multiple choices n fill in spaces (about a species of bird)
    I hope to achieve d required score which is expected to be out by the 20th.

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