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    Do You wish to continue this job in future?
    which Fruits do you like?
    What kinds of fruits u liked being a child?
    Why is it important to have fruits?
    Have you ever cooked something with fruits?
    Do u know who your neighbors are?
    Have your neighbors ever helped you?
    What do people think about having a young or an old neighbor,which is better?
    Part two.
    Describe the time you found the CLEVER SOLUTION TO A PROBLEM (something like that)
    Who is he?
    What solution was suggested?
    Why do u think it was a clever solution?
    Describe a Situation where you were clever dealing with the problem?
    Part three.

    Are children born clever or become clever with their experiences?
    Are Children more clever nowadays than in the past?
    Are Clever Children more happy?
    Role of school in making children clever?
    How internet can influence the children becoming clever?
    After the introduction of INTERNET AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE,why is it widely used nowadays?

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