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    IELTS General Speaking Test 25th February Pakistan
    Part 1
    May I Know Your Name
    What Should I Call You
    Can I See your ID
    Do You Work Or Study?
    What Do You Do At Work?
    Do You Have Many Friends At Work?
    How Much Sleep Should A Person Get In One Day?
    How Much Do You Sleep A Day?
    Do You Do Something To Get Good Sleep?
    Do You Find It Best To Sleep In The Middle Of The Day?
    What Is The Part Of The Day When You Work Best?
    Part 2
    Cue Card: Favourite Childhood Toy
    Part 3
    Boys And Girls Like Same Or Different Kind Of Toys?
    Should Children Be Allowed To Choose Toys For Themselves?
    Can Children Be Happy Playing With Ordinary Household Objects?
    Why Not?
    What Should Parents Consider While Purchasing Toys?
    What Could Be The Disadvantages Of Purchasing Many Toys For Kids?
    What Is The Relation Between Toy Industry And TV Program For Kids? (That Was The Trickiest Question And I Was Dumbfounded At That One, I Just Spoke A Few Words And The Alarm Bell Rang… )
    Thank You Everyone For Posting Recent IELTS questions

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