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    Speaking test conducted by IDP Ielts,
    Academic module:
    intro: greetings
    Examiner asked about what i do,
    Followed by u enjoy working at your workplace,
    Something you would like to change about your work place.
    Do you drink alot of water?
    Why u think water is important?
    You prefer bottled or tap water?
    Is water expensive in your country?
    Why is it expensive? Should it be expensive?
    Part 2 : Cue Card about book you have read recently,
    I paused but then continued after around a couple of seconds.
    Part 3: discussion about books,
    Why adults read?
    Has reading habit changed over the years?
    Books left for coming generations will be useful to them? How?
    Why people dont read much?
    How books will be available in the future?
    Thats all i can recall.

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