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    Hello everyoneI had my speaking test just an hour ago
    Date- 2nd june
    Category- general
    Location- Philadelphia USA
    Part 1:
    About myself
    Few questions on history-
    Which historical person I like
    Would I like to know about history
    If I have seen any historical movie
    If I have been to any historical place
    About Email-
    Do I send emails
    Does people in my country send emails
    How the emails will b in future
    Would I like to continue my career
    Part 2: clue card
    A couple who you think are happily married.
    Part 3:
    About marriages
    What ceremonies we have during marriage.
    Why huge amount of money is spent on marriage
    How the structure of families are changing
    (The examiner was laughing while asking these questions 😀 about marriages)
    All the questions were from the recent questions shared by everyone here..The examiner was very polite n friendly so felt alot more comfortable.
    I have my LRW tomorrow..

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