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    Your fullname
    Do you live in a house or a flat?
    Do you like where do you lived? Why?
    What part of the house you like to stay? Why?
    Do you prefer extended family? Why?
    Do you read magazines or newspaper? Why?
    Ten years from now, what invention do you think that will help chores? Why?
    Do you think, virtual could replace the actual interview? Wh?
    What is the most helpful invention at school? Why?
    Do you think technology made the human lazy? Why?
    Cue card:
    What invention that made the world changed?
    What is it?
    How it affect the human life?
    How did it affect the wolrd? My fellow matrs questions were about music?
    What type of music
    Where is the best place listening to music
    Do you think it is better that kids are listening to music?
    What are the effects?

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