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    Hi everyone,
    I took ielts academic 23/06/18 in Portsmouth UK.

    Listening: it was a map to locate the places

    Reading: be aware of the time! 1 passage about birds, 1 passage about multitasking, 1 passage about actors. The type of questions true false not given, yes no not given, complete sentences, multiple questions and match paragraphs.

    Task 1: was a bar chart about comparing percentage of people either in local or rural area that takes 15 min or less to drive to different services.
    Task 2: ” some people believe zoos are cruel to animals others think helps to protect them” discuss both views and give your opinion.
    1) do you work? What do you do? What time if the day you prefer to work? Etc
    2) do you do exercise? You think is important? What sports you did in school? You think we do enough sports in schools? You think you will practice sport in the future?
    3) card: talk about a popular person you know, when was the last time you saw the person? Why is popular? Etc
    4) why people are popular? the media helps them to be popular? What influence has the media in popularity?
    All the best! X

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