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    Speaking test
    Centre – Pune British Council
    Date 10 August 2018
    Normal general questions where are you from?
    Which locality?
    Which part of country?Congested open ? Do you like it ? Any problems or cool place?
    2)Animals(Wild Animals,Pets )
    Which is your favourite wild animal describe
    Did you any time had a pet at home describe
    Did you anytime do part time or full time job? What job did you have in your mind when you were a child?

    Cue card – Describe a recent development happened in your area ( Park,Road,Shopping mall-2 min talk)
    follow up questions:-

    Public transport – Problems?Ways to improve ?
    How important do you consider involving government into constructions and its decisions?
    Will people benefit from it ?

    I had a doubt I was confused when the examiner was marking in front of me written 4 digits in 4 different columns in front of me on a paper. I was confused. She had written 4,5,6,8.

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