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    Part 1: 1. Where do you live? Which part of India? 2. Will Talk about Music. Do you play any musical instrument. 3. Do you think it should be mandatory in school? Why? 4. Did you had music classes in school? 5. Do parents in India encourage music? 6. Why your city is famous for? 7. Do you plan to live in future in your city? 8. How difficult is learning Music? Part 2: Cue card on – A future plan different from Study and Career. 1] How you are planning? 2] When you are planning? 3] With whom you are planning? Part 3: 1] Have you shared your plan with someone? 2] How do you plan your day? 3] What things do you carry when you go outside? 4] Do you carry different things when you go outside at different time of day? 5] Is planning required to achieve something? 6] Who influences career planning in India? Is it good or bad?

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