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    a. Have you been on a boat. b. Do people in your country travel much by boats & why? (this was a bit funny coming from her as she too was of an Indian origin although I know that she doesn’t get to set the questions ) c. Would you like to own a boat?
    The 2nd part, with cue card had the topic of ‘A place where people go to listen to music. Where you heard about the place. The kind of crowd/people that usually visit there’ – This again was a different topic, an interesting one I must admit.
    The 3rd part with the long turn was about Music & Childhood. So the questions were:
    a. When do you think are children introduced to music?
    b. Should schools have music lessons for their students if so then how early?
    c. Does music help in learning abilities of students?
    d. Should parents encourage their kids to take up learning an instrument?

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