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    I would like to share some informations and also I took my CB-Ielts today. Hopefully my results would pass my expected score🤞🤞. Anyways here you go.

    2 Charts (line graph and bar chart) for new UK Graduates
    WT2 (What extent do you agree or disagree) Individual tourism creates tension between countries rather than learning their cultures and people.

    Speaking part 1 Describe your town or where you live. Describe about the things you dont like about your town Music genre that you like Different genre that you also like to listen to Would you prefer listening music by yourself or with someone?

    Speaking Part 2 Describe the famous local product from your region

    Part 3 Is the product common or known to the other region? Other product that is common in your country Is it okay for you that each region has their own local product?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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