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    I had my speaking test today
    Place: Pune IDP center,India
    Date:23rd July 2018
    I had my test in the morning and the questions(roughly) were asked in this manner:

    Part 1:
    1)Where do you live and how is the surrounding area?
    2)Is it accessible by public transport?
    3)What is really interesting in your locality?
    4)Do you work?
    5)What occupation did you wish to have when you were a child?
    6) Is your thought process still the same as you were a child?
    7)Do you believe in dreams?How would you make them true?

    Part 2:
    write a incident when you received a good consumer service after buying a particular product
    -state when and where
    -what was the product
    -what was the service you received

    Part 3:(more about customer care service providers & consumers)
    1)Do you think that customer care service is always helpful?
    2)What is your opinion on how customer care service should be dealt with?On phone or in person(face-to-face)?Why?
    3)Would a job at the customer care service center be a ideal one?what do you think?
    4)What problems do consumers face which is why they talk with the customer care service?
    5)What kind of customers do care service people face often?
    6)What qualities do you think should these customer care service employees have?
    7)Do you think providing such consumer care service online beneficial?
    8)(I don’t quite remember this question as time was up )related to global customer service

    My overall test was good! The examiner did like my answers (I guess) as she was smiling often and nodded too.Though I found this topic (customer care service n commerce)a bit hard as I am more of a “science and technology” person(I had mentioned that in the beginning of my introduction)
    However I have one doubt, as time was almost up my examiner (who i observed was watching the timer continuously in the last part)just asked me the very last question of the test and before i could answer, she said my time is up..Would this affect my band score ?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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