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    General Training
    Test Date : 27 – Jul -2018
    Test Center : Pune, India
    Part 1
    What is your hometown ?
    Where for is your locality from center ? Is it happening place ?
    Do you hear music and what type of music you like ?
    Do you hear music while working or studying ?
    Do you think music will change in future ?
    In your culture when gifts are give ? Why ?
    Describe memorable gift you received.
    Do you like giving gifts ?
    Did you ever received any gift which you did not like ?
    Part 2
    Describe scenario when you saved money for buying something important.
    – For what your were saving money
    – How did you save money
    – How much time it took to save money and buy that thing.
    Part 3
    Do you think youth save money these days ? For what ? Do they save money for parents or themselves ?
    Do you think nowadays people think before spending money ?
    Is phenomenon of of impulsive spending is predominant in affluent people only ?
    Does online shopping attracts young people more ?
    Do you think impulsive spending is due to credit cards ? why ?
    Why people spend their hard earned money so impulsively ?
    What do you think, who spends more men or women ? Why ?
    Overall, I think my interview discussion was interactive.
    In Part 2 I was interrupted by examiner before I could cover last point in cue card, I hope it will not impact my overall score in terms of coherence and task completion.
    Moreover, I think test duration was also just 11 mins, is it any indication of low score or less impressive performance ?

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