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    Hi, I took IELTS General Speaking on 31st May and LRW on 2nd June
    Location- Pune, India
    Speaking- Introductory question- Are you a student or working? Why did you choose this profession? What do you do basically?
    How often during your childhood you tried food from foreign countries?
    What about now?
    Do you think the consumption of foreign food is going to increase in coming days?
    Cue card- Describe a song you like the most.
    What this song is about?
    When did you hear it first?
    What do you like the most about it?
    Discussion on music these day in you pr country. What type of music is popular? Do you think the choice varies with gender? What about old time music? What is the difference? Where do the children in your country learn music for the first time? How learning a musical instrument can help?
    I think I did well and speak for the expected time on the questions. however, I am worried as I used a Hindi word ‘Masala’ as a slang in the conversation. Do you think it is going to have a big impact on my score?
    For Writing
    Letter- You recently Lost your driving license and somebody found it and returned it back to you. write a letter thanking that person. Explain why the license is important to you and ask few questions about how did he or she find it. How would you like to thank.
    Essay- nowadays, people move from one country to the other for finding jobs Some people think children of these families suffer because of this while others think it is helpful for them. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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