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    Exam Date: 29th October, Pune , Hotel Mint
    Hi Folks,
    I am just now done with my Speaking Test.

    I was told to speak on following topics:
    1) Tell me about yourself
    2) Where are you from?
    3) Tell me about your work?
    4) What changes you would like to see in your work and why?
    5) Tell me about any recognition or reward you got recently?
    6) Do you like movies?
    7) why do you like movies?
    8) with whom you and why?

    Part 2: Tell me about any teenager you know
    1) Who is he?
    2) why u like him?
    3) What interest he has?

    Part 3: what is the difference between child and teenager
    what you feel what kind of attitude they possess? and what was the difference few decades ago?
    What do u think how school is helping them to grow?
    what kind of activities they can learn from school?
    apart from sports do u think they learn something else in schools?
    What we should do to encourage our children about society?
    Madhur Modi

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