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    Location :Pune, India
    Date : 10th Sep 2018.
    Speaking part 1:
    -Questions related to flat/apartment like
    Where do you live
    Which room do you like the most
    Any plans to move to some other house
    -Questions related to saving money like
    How did you save money during childhood
    How to teach a child to save money
    Speaking part 2:
    – describe a special dress you wore for a occasion
    what dress it is?
    when did u wear it?
    was was the feeling of others about the dress?
    Speaking part 3:
    questions more on clothing like
    do people prefer formal or informal wear?
    what dresses are considered formal in your country?
    what is the reason for the growth of textile industry?
    does foreign country affect our traditional clothing?
    affect of globalisation on clothing?
    do people go in for comfortable clothing or grand clothing?
    does money affect the clothes we wear?
    and few other questions.
    Writing part 1:
    A company you work is ready to help a community with money and other things which are in need. Write a letter to your manager describing
    – describe the community you wanted to help
    – what sort of help do you want to do
    – why you wanted to help this community.
    Writing part 2:
    Some parents say that reading entertainment books is a waste of time, rather they should concentrate more on educational books. Describe your opinion on this.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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