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    jan 16 – 2018
    Test Center : Pune
    Part 1 :
    what is your full name ?
    what can i call you ?
    How far you live from the test center ?
    Hou do you commute ?
    what is special about your place ?
    which physical acitivity you used to do in school ?
    do you think everyone should do physical activity ?
    what type of physical activity you do now ?
    do you enjoy doing physical activity everyday ?
    Part 2 :
    Describe your favourite season in your country. you should say :
    what the season is ?
    why it is your favourite season ?
    what the weather is like at that time of year ?
    Part 3:
    how the weather changes in your country from jan to dec ?
    what are the new jobs that extreme weathers produce ?
    how people find it working in extreme cold and hot weather ?
    in which extreme weather conditions it is comfort to work ?
    how the extreme cold and hot weather helps people ?
    do children enjoy extreme cold weather ?

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