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    I have just sat the IELTS Academic ( Jan 14, 2020) and here are the questions I can remember :

    Part 1: Hometown and city I currently live in (what I dislike, how it looks like)
    Jeans: If I like jeans if it is popular in my country if I would pay for expensive jeans
    Patience: What do I do if I have to wait, am I a patient person, are people in my country patient

    Part 2: Describe a time you observed a beautiful sky (during the day or night time)
    -> Where was it
    -> why was it beautiful
    -> who was with you
    -> how did you feel about it

    Part 3 (many questions about the outer space… It felt like an eternity):
    -> Do you like observing the stars?
    -> Why is it important to explore the space?
    -> How does knowledge about space affects our daily life?
    -> Is it possible to find life in other planets?
    -> WIll we ever inhabit other planets? (there were more, but I cannot remember)

    Task 1: A table about male and female jobs in four different fields and the percentages over 3 decades
    Task 2: Since most information about culture and history can be found on the internet, museums are not needed anymore. To what extent do you agree…Hope it helps

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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