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    am veerpal from Moga,Punjab
    Speaking venue: Ludhiana,Punjab
    yesterday was my speaking test.
    part 1
    What is your full name?
    what do you do?
    do you enjoy first day of your job?
    where do you live?
    why does people live in cities?
    Do you want live in city?
    on which place you would like to go?
    do you like to go alone or with someone?
    PART 2
    my cue card topic was A WEBSITE YOU USE IN ROUTINE.
    PART 3
    who use this website apart from you?
    which website often used by people most?
    Is youtube is used for entertainment?
    How does people read news in your country from news paper, magazines or Internet?
    Is the internet reaplaced television in future?
    Is library from universities will be totally disappeared or people prefer to use E-books as compare to those?

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