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    Exam date: 28-06-2018
    Venue: Bathinda,Punjab,India
    Would you like to buy house in near future?
    Do you know about looking after plants?
    Discuss about a jewelry you wore in a special occasion.
    What it was?
    Who gave it to you?
    Who complimented you?
    How did you feel?
    Is uniform imp?
    Why is it?
    What are the professions where people wear uniform?
    Does it give pride to them?

    Good evening, the speaking went well. But theres a query. When the exam was over she said thank you nice talking to you and i also said the same. I actually said that it was the first time i was talking to a foreigner. She was very expressive throughout the exam and at this reply she made a very indifferent face. I was at my wits end . I apologized for calling her a foreigner and she replied that it was actually true and she was a foreigner. She waved me good bye even when i was stepping out of the room. M really tensed! Plz reply.

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